Construction: Main campus entrance to close 9/2

IVY Tech Distance-27Construction Notice: Main campus entrance closed

Ivy Tech Terre Haute’s main campus entrance via Education Drive will be closed for the construction of a roundabout, beginning Wednesday, September 2. Campus is open and will only be accessible via E. Eaton Drive. Construction is currently slated for completion in late October/early November.

Alternate route: Pass Education Drive, continuing West on Jessica Drive toward Carlisle St. Make a left  on Carlisle St. Make a left on Eaton Drive and continue straight toward campus. Alternate Route.

Parking: The majority of parking is open. Only a small section of parking near the flag pole at the construction site will be closed. The sidewalk to door E entrance will remain open.

Dixie Bee Elementary Parent Route: Beginning September 2, Dixie Bee parents will need to utilize the alternate route during drop off and pick up of their students, traveling around Ivy Tech’s campus via Eaton Drive. Buses utilize the back parking lot and will continue as normal.  

Construction: Construction of the roundabout on Education Drive is a significant campus safety measure that will also to improve traffic flow into and out of campus. Ivy Tech Community College Terre Haute was awarded funding in fiscal year 2020 via statewide facilities parking and drives funding pool to complete the construction. A request for proposal for the design of the roundabout was put out to bid in October of 2019 with proposals being received in November of 2019. After selecting an engineering firm to complete the required design, the documents were created and scheduled to be released for construction bidding. The COVID-19 pandemic slowed the construction bidding project down and the bids were received on July 29. Local contractor ST Construction, Inc. was awarded the project and will be utilizing Wabash Valley Asphalt as a subcontractor.


  1. So I applied and got accepted last year and right before classes started I had a family emergency and had to fly home and I never started any classes and I didn’t know what the next step was to go back and to change the major


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